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About Us

Founded on february 2015 by singing undergrads of the National Conservatory of Music, Shemesh Quartet is a vocal a cappella choir ensemble with a versatile repertoire that includes arrangements and original compositions made by the members.

Since its founding, Shemesh Quartet has received several ovations from their audiences and great critics from the choir industry. This is an obvious sign of the promising future of this young, very well prepared group, for chamber choir music in Mexico and also, the world. Shemesh Quartet is a choir ensemble conducted in equity by its members, creating a four mind harmony.


Musical Background

Shemesh Quartet has had many outstanding presentations in venues of great importance, such as: UAM Lerma, Azcapotzcalco and Centro Cultural Casa del Tiempo; at the Museo Adolfo López Mateos, Radio UNAM 96.1, Opus 94.5; the Alcazar of the Castillo de Chapultepec, Museo del Arzobispado, Museo Mayamax, the Sala Manuel M. Ponce, at the Palacio de Bellas Artes, Museo del Virreinato, Recinto a Juárez at the Palacio Nacional, Universidad de Ecatepec, Museo Sol del Niño, Masonic Hall and many more.

Shemesh Quartet has participated in festivals such as Agua Blanca and Luminaria, both held at Atizapán de Zaragoza; the Encuentro Coral UDLAP editions 2016 and 2018; Festival Coralcun: Arte Vocal; 6to Festival Internacional Tlaxcala Canta  2017, Festival de la Ceiba in Tabasco , VI Festival de la Cultura Maya/Encuentro de Ensambles Vocales and the XVII Festival de Coros Yucatán, both taken place at Mérida Yucatán.

Also, the Quartet has performed at the event Total Vocal by Distinguished Concerts International New York, where not only was the ensemble invited to be a part of, but also to represent Mexico in two different occasions and perform at the Carnegie Hall in 2017 and at the Lincoln Center in 2018.

Shemesh Quartet is supported by Voce in Tempore A.C. as part of their promoting coral activities program and by Celis Promotions.


To spread the best of the coral a capella repertoire at a major and professional scale and let the world know even more about this musical style. Also, to touch the hearts of their audiences in the process.


To be a direct reference in the coral a capella world both nation and worldwide, standing out as a platform of expression of both mexican and latin american identity .

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