The Moran Choir

The moran Choir was established by Mrs. Naomi Faran-Conductor and Musical Director, in 1986. The vision of the choir is to provide young children coral education, musical training, and performance opportunities and to spread the love for choral singing in Israel And around the world. Additional vision focuses on humanistic values. It is expressed through combining the choir musical excellence with community involvement. Contribution is made through adopting diverse cultural minorities, children and adults with special needs, and entertaining children with cancer.
Moran Choir includes 40 young singers ages 12-18 and is based in Israel. During its three decades of activity, the Moran Choir has made enormous musical and educational achievements. The choir won several competitions, participates in international festivals, sings with leading orchestras and performs original compositions of best Israeli composers.
The choir repertoire includes choral classical music as well as Israeli traditional Jewish music, original modern Israeli music and folklore music of diverse local and international ethnic groups. The choir features regularly on the most prominent stages in Israel, including The Israeli Opera, the Cameri Theater, Abu Gosh Vocal Music Festival, Tel Aviv Museum and more. Performances include singing with The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, The Israel Symphony Orchestra Rishon LeZion, The Israel Chamber Orchestra and The Kibbutz Chamber Orchestra. The choir is invited to perform at national ceremonies and to represent Israel in International special events such as The Peace Talks – Oslo 1994, The Presidents Conference Jerusalem 2008. World tours included competitions, workshops, festivals and special events in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, USA, Canada, Russia, Spain, Slovenia, Scandinavia, South Kore, Bazel, Paris, Kazakhstan, Estonia and more.

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